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Fly Fishing

It's easy enough for the beginner, yet challenging enough for the seasoned veteran. In fact, nowadays, boys and girls, men and women of all ages are joining the ranks of fly fishermen. No matter what your skill level is, fly fishing can be highly rewarding.

Fly fishing is becoming one of the fastest growing sports around. The reasons for its popularity are obvious. Fly fishing is relaxing, entertaining, rewarding, and often takes place in the some of the most beautiful country around. So, if you've never been fly fishing before, a great way to learn is to take few lessons from a local instructor.

If you are a beginner fly fisherman, get started by:

  • Getting involved with fly fisherman from your community or try a fly fishing club.
  • Taking lessons from a professional instructor to learn the basics and perfect your fly fishing technique.
  • Once you've learned the basics, practice fly casting drills, at least once a week.
  • Get as much information you can from books, magazines, and videos on fly fishing, fly casting, tying flies and tying knots.
  • Visit your local fly shop and buy tackle you feel comfortable using.
  • Learn your local waters by hiring a good guide. You'll learn the most this way.
  • Above all, be patient with yourself and give the sport a chance. You'll get the most out of what you put into fly fishing.

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